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Aggie’s Legacy: Meet Greg and Kim Kling

The story of why Kim and I started this business has roots in a place likely familiar to you.

Kim had taken her mother, Aggie, to the doctor’s office to get the results of a number of tests. Aggie hadn’t been feeling well, and we worried we could be dealing with something very serious. I know many of you can relate to the shock, disbelief, and then devastation we felt when we received the doctor’s diagnosis. Aggie had cancer. Kim knew immediately there was one thing she had to do for her mom: She became Aggie’s primary caregiver.

As an only child whose father passed away when she was six, Kim had very little family support available. She found herself assisting Aggie through chemotherapy treatments and helping with personal care – all while working part-time and raising three young children. I was not much help as I was traveling five days a week in my professional career

Kim and I quickly realized we couldn’t do everything Aggie required. We didn’t have the skills to provide more advanced care, our knowledge of the healthcare maze was limited, nor did we have the time required to properly care for Aggie day in and day out. We were so lucky to find compassionate and caring home health aides to help with Aggie’s basic daily needs. This practical relief from caregiving gave Kim the space she needed to be her mother’s daughter, spending quality time with her during her last few months.

When we decided to start our own business, Aggie was our inspiration. We knew there were thousands of families just like ours –just like yours – who wanted the compassionate support well-trained Home Care Professionals can give.

Assisting Hands spoke to us—it was exactly the business we wanted to create to give families like yours the daily, weekly or occasional support you need so your loved one can maintain a high quality of life.

Assisting Hands was a natural fit, and we continue to be inspired by the hundreds of Aggies whose care our client families have entrusted to us. We are driven to add life to the years of those aging or in need of extra assistance, and to help families like yours enjoy your time with your loved ones.