What Should I Expect When Hiring A Caregiver To Take Care Of My Mom & Dad At Home?

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One of the questions we get asked quite often is what to look for in a quality home care agency in Cincinnati.   I tell them many things but some of the key top criteria would be the following.  First, what’ the quality of their employees?  Do their employees have experience,  what’s the training program that they have their employees?   What are the requirements that they have four employees,  first of all are the employees vs contractors?  Do they have CPR and first aid training, do they have background checks? How do they supervise their employees, how often is a manager coming out your house to check in and to make sure things are being worked properly.  Finally, what’s the leadership of the company like.  These are the people that you’re meeting with, are they working well with you and be able to provide you the advice and counsel that you need as you work with them to provide care for your loved ones.