Back to Work? Find the Right Caregiver for Your Senior Loved One

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After 15+ months of juggling school and work from home, as well as taking on extra family caregiving responsibilities for your elders, perhaps you’ve just finally gotten into the groove… and now your employer wants you back in the office. Just one more big adjustment, and it may feel like you’re about to go over the edge!

Get the support you need to make it all work by waving the “surrender” flag and asking for help! While it can be a difficult to trust your aging parent or loved one to someone else’s care, you know the reality of needing an extra pair of hands!

Most seniors over age 70 do not find it easy to live alone, Many need assistance with at least some daily tasks. If your loved one is one of them, and wishes to age in place, a professional caregiver may be exactly what you need to get yourself on schedule.

57% of seniors over age 70 do not find it very easy to live alone. Many need assistance with some daily tasks. If your parent is one of them and plans to age in place, it’s time to consider hiring a caregiver so you can get your own schedule back on track.

But, is bringing in a caregiver the right decision? How do you know who the right caregiver is? There are several steps to take to ensure your loved one receives the best care.

Four Steps to Take When Hiring a Caregiver:

1) Understand Your Loved One’s Needs

The first thing you need to know is the kind of care your parent needs, and how often. In home caregivers offer assistance with non-medical activities like bathing, cooking, transportation, or companionship. Create a list of specific activities your parent needs help with.

2) Assess Your Financial Options and Resources

Your finances may affect your caregiver options. Work out a budget for caregiving. Many non-profit and governmental programs offer financial assistance for the care of the elderly as well.

3) Choose an Agency

Many families use a home care agency because of the added security, accountability, and convenience. Consider factors such as how long the agency has been in business, their procedures for documenting and monitoring care, and how they train and hire caregivers.

4) Compile Your Requirements

The final step to take before beginning your caregiver search is compiling your requirements. If possible, work with your loved one who will be receiving care to create your list. Include preferences about the caregiver’s gender, age, availability, and more. Mark non-negotiables, like that the caregiver speak a particular language, or have a driver’s license. Use this list to screen potential private caregivers or give it to the agency you select.

There are some questions you can ask an agency like Assisting Hands Home Care serving Cincinnati, OH, such as:

  • What home care experience, certifications, or training do your caregivers have?
  • How will you know that the caregiver will be a good “fit” with my loved one?
  • What in-the-field support do your caregivers have from your agency?
  • What caregiving activities and services are available?
  • If your loved one has specific health concerns, such as dementia, ask how this will be addressed.

If your parent is capable of making decisions, or if other family members are also responsible for a parent’s care, those individuals should be consulted. Schedule times to make final decisions together. Establish processes for clear lines of communication with the agency to ensure visibility into your loved one’s care.

Remember that, although caregiving is a very personal job, at Assisting Hands Home Care serving Cincinnati, OH, we consider our caregivers professionals. They are trained and treated as such. If you are looking for high quality, in-home care for your loved one, give us a call today.


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