A client’s daughter discusses her home care experience with Greg Kling, the owner of Assisting Hands Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky.

Assisting Hands is a company that I can truly rely on.
I began working with Assisting Hands 7 months ago, as my mother was in need of 24 hour “memory care”, but I also wanted to be able to keep her in her own home.  My wish was to find a company that would be able to provide people that could not only attend to my mother’s physical needs, but do so with having good humor and an upbeat personality.  Feeling that creating a positive and stimulating environment was critical to her mental health and happiness, I requested that her caregivers be able to engage her in conversation, play word games such as “Password”, provide assistance with an exercise program, take her on outings such as to nature reserves to view wildlife, go on picnics, use her transport chair to enjoy nature trails, go to museums, etc.,……all the while treating her with the dignity and kindness she deserves.

The following day after I initially contacted Assisting Hands to inquire about their services, I was introduced to an amazing Care Management Director, who came to my mother’s home and allowed me to share my thoughts on her needs, as well as evaluate her condition and observe her surroundings.  The Director was immediately able to lend helpful insight and respond with a plan on how Assisting Hands would be able to help my mother and accommodate all my requests.  I can honestly say that I have been consistently impressed with the quality of the caregivers Assisting Hands has been able to provide for my Mother, meeting and sometimes exceeding my expectations.  By sharing experiences with her, the caretakers have been able to create an atmosphere of happiness and trust, allowing her to feel safe, secure and content in her own home.

I have also found that Assisting Hands is a company that I can truly rely on.  There is a daily log kept in my mother’s home, outlining the specific activities and happenings of each day. They have systems in place to assure no client will be left without a caregiver on duty as required.  While changes in caregiver’s schedules have been rare, I have always been informed immediately to make sure I was aware of the change.  On the whole, due to the extremely positive experiences I have had with Assisting Hands, I would highly recommend them to anyone considering this type of service….and I can honestly say that each and every day, I am confident that my mother is happy, safe and in very capable hands.
Jann Garvin, Mrs. Grimme’s daughter
I Would Trust Assisting Hands with My Family!
I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate Theresa, Assisting Hands, and all that you do for our residents, but further more I personally appreciate how much she has helped me these past few days. This weekend I called in a favor for Theresa to help me with my family who needed home health services. Theresa went above and beyond- on the weekend- spent her time at the hospital, talking on the phone with my family and setting up services, coordinating care, etc. My entire family was so impressed with her patience and genuine kindness. She put our family at ease and has kept us all in the loop with great communication. I cannot thank her enough~ I told her that your company is the only one I would trust with my family!
Senior Manager, Cincinnati Area Assisted Living Community
Your employees are excellent!
Michia was absolutely great with my Mom yesterday. I’m sure all of your employees are excellent, but she was absolutely fantastic!
Dave Martin
All the Caregivers were at Assisting Hands Homecare were excellent!
My Husband said that if he had to choose which caregiver was the best, he would be unable. All were Excellent!
Judy Kannady
Commitment to Client Satisfaction
Thanks again for working so hard to find good men for dad! You are doing a great job!
Paula Mueller, Daughter
Office Staff Effectiveness
If I have any problems, I can call the office staff and they take care of it.
Terry Sliter, Daughter
How does Assisting Hands compare to other agencies?
Assisting Hands Home Care has been a good agency. I have worked with others and Assisting Hands Home Care has done outstanding…
Terry Sliter, Daughter
Assisting Hands helped this family and cared for their partially paralyzed father
The caregivers are wonderful with my Dad. They are very compatible with my Dad. He has a sense of humor and the caregivers understand that and like it. They acknowledge my mother too, even though she isn’t the client and she appreciates that.
Paula Mueller, Daughter
Assisting Hands is helping this client with at home from Rehab
Teresa was incredibly helpful making the transition home comfortable and safe. RayShaundra was a trusted overnight caregiver. We appreciate the quality of service you provided and will certainly use your services in the future as needs arise.
Bill Rusche